An Embarrassment of Riches

The best thing about ushering in 2008 is that all of us are saving money thanks to the considerate folks running our country – you know, the Conservatives. With the GST reduced by another 1%, I’ll have more cash in hand to support our struggling manufacturing and retail sectors. Why, just in one day, my … More An Embarrassment of Riches

The Christmas Rant

I’ve had a Christmas rant building inside me for months now. It began when I saw Christmas trees in Costco in August and picked up strength with the unpleasant arrival of Christmas carols in retail stores on November 1st. The sudden proliferation of tiny kiosks peddling kitsch in the malls bothered me, as did the … More The Christmas Rant

Customer Service

I’m currently on hold with BMO Mastercard, again. I recently had my corporate credit card stolen, and I’m trying to activate my new card. This is the sixth time in the past few days I’ve called, and I have never actually managed to talk to anyone. Apparently they are experiencing “higher than usual call volume, … More Customer Service

Christmas in July

I’ve written about this before, but what the hell is up with retailers these days? Maybe it’s just me, but stores seem to be using different calendars than the rest of us. First it was the “End of Summer Sale” at American Eagle on July 5th. Is it too much to ask to be able … More Christmas in July