About Me

I bear an uncanny resemblance to Mike Myers (circa So I Married an Axe Murderer).

I have thrown hand grenades and am an expert in 19th century British artillery drill.

I’ve performed for royalty and played on a recording that went to number one on the Billboard chart (Off-Price Classical Category).

I’m a drummer at heart, but an arts administrator by trade.

I have a growing collection of vintage and modern percussion instruments, which may or may not be linked to a mid-life crisis.

I have a great wife (referred to throughout as B) and am the father of two great kids (hereinafter referred to as A & K).

To maintain some degree of anonymity, I don’t post my first name. If you’re really that curious though, you should be able to figure out who I am pretty easily.

What more do you want to know?

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. just wondering if i could use your headframe picture (from Ptarmigan mine, outside Yellowknife). i am going to be selling mining parephalia and made a picture frame from core boxes. i like the headframe pic you took and wondering if i could use it in my picture frames? thanks cathy, i am a small crafting business. if i can’t use it without paying copyright, etc….no problem, i will find another picture.

  2. Hi My mother was a Dearlove direct line from dating back the 1550. there are instruments now in the Leeds City Museum. are you a relation????

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