The March Heat Wave

The weather over the past few days has been, to state the obvious, highly unusual.  A record-setting heat wave has brought summer to Ottawa in the final days of winter.  While some fret about the latest evidence of global climate change, most have shed their winter jackets and toques for tank tops and flip-flops. It … More The March Heat Wave

The Spelling Bee

Last week was the primary spelling bee at A’s school.  While the CanSpell National Spelling Bee is for grades four and up, the school decided to hold a special “exhibition” for the primary students, and A was one of the students chosen to take part. A was pretty excited about the whole thing, although he … More The Spelling Bee

Meech Lake With The Boys

When I first moved to Ottawa, the words “Meech Lake” brought to mind two things: the 1987 negotiations with Mulroney and the ten provinces to amend the Constitution, and the fabled nude beach that existed somewhere along its shores. I’ve always been amused by the juxtaposition of naked naturalists frolicking in the water while politicians … More Meech Lake With The Boys