Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Wow, 13 days since the last post, and not one message, e-mail, or wall post complaining about the lengthy layoff. Either you’re a tolerant lot, or it’s a sign of overwhelming indifference. I’m nearing the end of my second week of not going to work. Some people refer to that as a “vacation”, but I … More Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

The Wife

B commented the other night that you wouldn’t know she exists by reading my blog. I think she must have missed the 51 previous posts that include at least some mention of her, but in any case, I thought I should devote an entire post to her to make up for any perceived shortcomings on … More The Wife

Guitar Hero 3

As a consumer of popular culture in all its various forms, I have an acute sense that I am missing out on something significant by not owning a gaming console. The last time I had a video game in my house was back in 1995, when Patrick had a Sega Genesis and the 308 Boys … More Guitar Hero 3