The Christmas Rant

I’ve had a Christmas rant building inside me for months now. It began when I saw Christmas trees in Costco in August and picked up strength with the unpleasant arrival of Christmas carols in retail stores on November 1st. The sudden proliferation of tiny kiosks peddling kitsch in the malls bothered me, as did the … More The Christmas Rant

A & K

This claims to be a blog about music and family life, but I’ve noticed in recent weeks I’ve spent precious little time on either. So, here’s a quick Aidan and Kieran update. Aidan has become a voracious reader. In the past couple of weeks he’s started sounding out lots of words, and he really enjoys … More A & K

A Sure Sign of Winter

In our neighbourhood, there’s one sure sign that Winter is approaching – the closing of the local Dairy Queen. It’s a sad event that means cold winds, flurries, and numb extremities are just around the corner. I love our Dairy Queen. It’s been a Manor Park fixture for more than 40 years, and comes complete … More A Sure Sign of Winter