Kids Say The Darndest Things Part IV

There’s not a day that goes by when the boys don’t come out with something that causes me to stop and laugh.  Usually it’s the highlight of my day, unless it comes when I’m trying to be a stern disciplinarian, in which case the uncontrollable grin kind of undermines my authority.  There were a few … More Kids Say The Darndest Things Part IV

Our New Alarm Clock

We have a new alarm clock.  It’s way more effective than the old one as it’s pretty much impossible to ignore without unpleasant consequences.  It requires no batteries, and has proven very reliable in recent weeks. Every morning between 06:30 and 06:45, I awaken to the pitter patter of footsteps coming toward the bed.  This … More Our New Alarm Clock

Queen of Album Covers

In doing more research into great album covers, one artist kept coming up again and again for the unique artwork that graces her recordings. Ms. Millie Jackson is the undisputed Queen of Album Covers. According to Wikipedia, the world’s leading authority on all topics, Millie is a renowned R & B artist who rose to … More Queen of Album Covers

Banned Words Part III

Long-time readers may recall that I have ranted about words I hate in previous posts. To date, the list includes “slacks” and “whiff”. Fortunately, it’s highly unlikely I will ever have to hear those two words used in the same sentence i.e. “Hey man, come take a whiff of my slacks”. The two words I … More Banned Words Part III