Dinner at Beckta

When I left the orchestra last year, the musicians graciously provided me with a gift certificate to Beckta, one of Ottawa’s leading restaurants. Given my well-documented fondness for procrastination and delayed gratification, it should come as no surprise that it took me eleven months to finally make a dinner reservation. I was incredibly excited about … More Dinner at Beckta

West Coast Eats

Over the years, I have significantly expanded my gastronomic comfort zone (and expanded my waistline at the same time). Once upon a time I’d worry about whether there would be things on the menu that I’d like, but now I feel pretty comfortable in most social settings. My old fears came back on Sunday night … More West Coast Eats

My New Favourite Food

A few months ago I wrote about Chipnuts, a great food innovation that combined the goodness of potato chips and peanuts into one awesome snackfood. Well, I have discovered another great peanut-based food. Peanut Butter & Co., an eatery in New York City that specializes in (you guessed it) peanut butter, has a line of … More My New Favourite Food

The Wannabe Gourmet

I am a wannabe foodie. I like reading about cooking – I just finished Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential and A Cook’s Tour and started daydreaming about enrolling at the Cordon Bleu school. On Sunday mornings, I begin with the weekly restaurant review before reading the sports section. I like cooking and baking, and prepare most … More The Wannabe Gourmet