My New Favourite Food

A few months ago I wrote about Chipnuts, a great food innovation that combined the goodness of potato chips and peanuts into one awesome snackfood.

Well, I have discovered another great peanut-based food. Peanut Butter & Co., an eatery in New York City that specializes in (you guessed it) peanut butter, has a line of gourmet peanut butter. So far, I’ve only tried one jar, but it’s amazing.

Dark Chocolate Dreams combines all-natural peanut butter with dark chocolate. What a great invention. I guess you could put it on bread or something, but I have just been scooping it out with a spoon and letting it melt on my tongue.

I can’t wait to try White Chocolate Wonderful and The Heat is On (PB + fiery spices). I wonder what it would taste like on Chipnuts…

One thought on “My New Favourite Food

  1. peanut butter is protein right? and South Beach says dark chocolate is ok. So i guess this fits right in with the South Beach diet! AWESOME!

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