Deagan Century of Progress Marimba No. ?? & No. ??

About a year ago, I impulsively purchased a Deagan Century of Progress marimba.  It’s one of the 3.5 octave models that Deagan made back in 1933 – a total of 75 were made for the 100-piece Century of Progress marimba orchestra.  For those keeping track, mine was made for Harold August Maves, and is serial … More Deagan Century of Progress Marimba No. ?? & No. ??

Drummer = Olympic Athlete

According to this article published in The Times today, British sports scientists have concluded that drummers are comparable in their physical prowess to world-class athletes.  The researchers followed the drummer for Blondie (?) for the past eight years and determined that he expended as much energy during a performance as runners and soccer stars. Apparently, … More Drummer = Olympic Athlete