Orchestra Salaries Part 2

There’s a moment in every musician’s life when you realize it’s possible to get paid doing something you love more than anything else. I can still remember the thrill of getting a cheque for $30 for my first MPTF concert when I was a teenager. I felt so mature getting paid to play Oktoberfest gigs … More Orchestra Salaries Part 2

Orchestra Salaries

Drew McManus at Adaptistration.com is publishing his annual Orchestra Compensation Report this week. Over the next few days, Drew will be posting salaries for Executive Directors, Music Directors, Concertmasters, and core musicians from a large number of U.S. orchestras. In the U.S., non-profit organizations like symphony orchestras file tax forms that are made available to … More Orchestra Salaries

Queen of Album Covers

In doing more research into great album covers, one artist kept coming up again and again for the unique artwork that graces her recordings. Ms. Millie Jackson is the undisputed Queen of Album Covers. According to Wikipedia, the world’s leading authority on all topics, Millie is a renowned R & B artist who rose to … More Queen of Album Covers


Ten years ago at this time, I started down a path that has been immensely rewarding, and yet lately it’s caused me to ask some difficult questions about myself. In January 1998, I was a grad student at the University of Toronto. Most of my time was spent practicing, reading, and exploring the city. My … More Choices