Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Wow, 13 days since the last post, and not one message, e-mail, or wall post complaining about the lengthy layoff. Either you’re a tolerant lot, or it’s a sign of overwhelming indifference. I’m nearing the end of my second week of not going to work. Some people refer to that as a “vacation”, but I … More Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Little Kid, Big Plans

Wednesday was A’s last day of Junior Kindergarten. For the next 68 days, he’s a little man of leisure. It’s been a little daunting trying to figure out a daycare plan for him – we’ve settled on a patchwork of vacation time, visits with various relatives, and two different day camps. His afternoon teacher sent … More Little Kid, Big Plans

The Birthday Party

I’m a little stressed out these days. It’s not the usual suspects – work, money, marital fidelity. No, I’m losing sleep over a birthday party we’re hosting this weekend for A and K. For some reason, the thought of having nine kids under the age of five in our home for two hours has my … More The Birthday Party