A Note About Initials

You may have noticed that I’ve begun to refer to my wife and children by their initials.  This was partly prompted by this article in The Globe and Mail that questioned whether it’s ethical to blog about your children, especially as they become older.  I don’t think I’ve written anything too embarrassing about the boys, … More A Note About Initials

Happy Birthday

Three years ago our trio became a quartet as K made an early arrival. He began stirring at midnight on May 7, 2005, burst onto the scene at 4:00 am, and was packed up and ready to leave the hospital by 8:00 am. Clearly this was a boy of action. Like many pre-schoolers, K has … More Happy Birthday

Thoughts on Daycare

Get a bunch of parents together, and you can pretty much guarantee that the topic of child care will come up sooner or later. It’s an issue that has many facets – waiting lists, institutionalized care versus home care, the pros and cons of au pairs, and the feelings of guilt that often accompany the … More Thoughts on Daycare

Our New Alarm Clock

We have a new alarm clock.  It’s way more effective than the old one as it’s pretty much impossible to ignore without unpleasant consequences.  It requires no batteries, and has proven very reliable in recent weeks. Every morning between 06:30 and 06:45, I awaken to the pitter patter of footsteps coming toward the bed.  This … More Our New Alarm Clock