Happy Birthday

Three years ago our trio became a quartet as K made an early arrival. He began stirring at midnight on May 7, 2005, burst onto the scene at 4:00 am, and was packed up and ready to leave the hospital by 8:00 am. Clearly this was a boy of action.

Like many pre-schoolers, K has been struggling with the word “three” – it comes out more like “free”. It’s been very cute over the past week watching him practice making the “th” sound. He sticks his tongue out in an exaggerated manner and slowly drags it across his top front teeth, which usually results in a fair amount of airborne particulate.

For me, this birthday is accompanied by a bit of melancholy. The last few years seem to have flown by, and suddenly I’m no longer the father of two cute little toddlers. Although we haven’t closed the door on having a third child, I think it’s pretty unlikely. While this means I may never have to change another diaper or get up for a 4:00 am feeding, it also means I won’t get to enjoy the indescribable feeling of a baby sleeping on my chest or burying his head in my shoulder.

In any case, tonight will be a low key event with a small family dinner of K’s favourite foods (no fruit, vegetables, or meat allowed). I’m sure he’ll freak out when he sees the tricycle we bought him, and the chocolate cake and ice cream should give him enough energy for a couple dozen laps around the block.

Coming up later this month: A turns five, and I get a sports car in a futile attempt to retain my youthful appearance.

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