A Note About Initials

You may have noticed that I’ve begun to refer to my wife and children by their initials.  This was partly prompted by this article in The Globe and Mail that questioned whether it’s ethical to blog about your children, especially as they become older. 

I don’t think I’ve written anything too embarrassing about the boys, but perhaps they won’t be too excited 10 or 15 years down the road when a potential girlfriend Googles them and reads about their adventures in toilet training.  It’s a problem that people of my generation didn’t have, although we did have to worry about baby pictures of us in the bathtub cropping up during family slide shows. 

Personally, it seemed like an equity issue.  I have taken pains not to include my first name anywhere on this site to make it a bit more difficult for some people to find me through search engines.  I think it’s only fair that I offer my family members the same courtesy.

In case it’s not obvious, my wife is B, my older son is A, and my youngest son is K.  I tried to come up with other names, but nothing really resonated with me.  I could have used Number 1 and Number 2 to refer to the boys, but it seemed a little juvenile / scatalogical (“Man, number 2 was a real pain in the ass this morning”).

I’ve also started going back through the archives to change the names to initials, which is a fairly significant undertaking.  I imagine it will take a few months, or even years, to completely eradicate their names from Google searches, but at least it’s a start. 

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