Little Kid, Big Plans

Wednesday was A’s last day of Junior Kindergarten. For the next 68 days, he’s a little man of leisure. It’s been a little daunting trying to figure out a daycare plan for him – we’ve settled on a patchwork of vacation time, visits with various relatives, and two different day camps.

His afternoon teacher sent home a nice yearbook with pictures taken throughout the year. The last section also had individual profiles of each student. Along with their name and age, each picture had a caption that reads “When I Grow Up”. The answers are pretty typical for 5-year olds – a lot of police officers, firemen, and race car drivers.

B and I were a little stunned and amused at A’s caption, though, which read:

“When I grow up, I want to be a security guard / metal scanner at the airport”.

This came as a complete surprise to us. He talks about being a pilot, a Jedi, an explorer, but we had no idea he was considering a career with the Canada Air Transport Safety Authority. It’s nice to know that he values keeping the airlines safe from nail clippers and shampoo bottles above all else.

We wanted to find out more about his thoughts on this job, so we conducted a little interview.

So there you have it – either an airport security screener or a pilot. Given the poor business outlook for airlines, he’ll probably have to reconsider his options at some point.  Perhaps he’ll be influenced by his classmate Scott, who said “When I grow up, I want to work for the Government of Canada”. Poor kid…

3 thoughts on “Little Kid, Big Plans

  1. That is priceless! I think it is very sweet that he wants to work at the airport so that he can kiss you every time you leave on a trip. You’ll have to show him this when he is a teenager and can’t wait for you to leave so he can throw wild parties!

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