An Embarrassment of Riches

The best thing about ushering in 2008 is that all of us are saving money thanks to the considerate folks running our country – you know, the Conservatives. With the GST reduced by another 1%, I’ll have more cash in hand to support our struggling manufacturing and retail sectors.

Why, just in one day, my family saved a considerable amount on our various purchases. Here’s a quick snapshot of money saved to date:

Medium non-fat chai latté from Second Cup: $0.03
Grande latté from Starbucks: $0.03
Lunch at Arturo’s: $0.12
Extras Season 2 DVD: $0.23
Sweater for Aidan: $0.08

That adds up to 51 cents, my friends. If I invest that in an RRSP, I will also receive a refund of 20 cents on my 2007 tax return. At this rate, it will only take me 2,058 days to save enough money from the GST cut to pay for one month of Kieran’s daycare. Of course, by that time he’ll be in grade 3. It’s the thought that counts…

One thought on “An Embarrassment of Riches

  1. In the words of Oliver,the Musical not the Book,

    “More? You want more?”

    “Ungrateful little wretch.”


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