As a seasoned arts administrator, I have an ingrained need to share my opinions on all manner of performances, especially in those areas in which I have no particular expertise. I may not be an actor, director, writer, cinematographer, or key grip, but that won’t stop me from making bold statements about their craft.

This week, I cast my critical eye at Juno, an endearing little movie about teen pregnancy that’s winning the hearts of audiences and critics around the world. It brought back some fond memories of when I got my 16-year old girlfriend pregnant, although I recall it being a lot less funny / quirky and a lot more stressful / ostracizing.

Seriously, I really enjoyed the movie. After watching a couple of really bad blockbusters in recent weeks (i.e. Pirates of the Caribbean), it was a relief to watch a small-scale movie that’s well-written and features a strong ensemble cast. Much has been written about Ellen Page, and she really is great in the title role. She’s already replaced Natalie Portman on my cute celebrity crush list, which is no easy feat.

I was surprised to find out that the movie was written by first-time screenwriter Diablo Cody. It turns out Ms. Cody is a pretty cool gal. A few years ago she decided to become a stripper, and she wrote about her experience in great detail on her blog. She called her blog Pussy Ranch, which coincidentally is the same name I was hoping to use for this blog. After penning a book about her life as a stripper, she’s branched out into writing for feature films and television.

Ms. Cody’s transition from blogger to famous screenwriter has inspired me to follow a similar path. I’ve already started working on my first screenplay, tentatively titled Orchestral Manoeuvres. It’s about a young naive musician who fights his way to the top in the vicious world of orchestra management. I’m hoping Brad Pitt or Matt Damon will agree to star, especially if Quentin Tarantino signs on as director.

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