Now That’s Good Reading

I was standing in line at Shopper’s for quite a while on Sunday morning, waiting for the crazy old lady in front of me to check her small mountain of lottery tickets. As I scanned the various celeb mags, with their usual roundup of scandalous stories involving Britney, Angelina, and people who apparently are celebrities (even though I’ve never heard of them), an old standby caught my eye.Cosmopolitan.

Wow, what a magazine! Just check out this month’s cover stories.

What’s your sex style?

GUYS’ SEX CONFESSIONS. Surprising Stuff They Don’t Want From You in the Sack.

Why You Should be a Jealous Bitch! And 6 Other Relationship Secrets.

Bed-Me Eyes. Supersexy Hues.

YOUR PERIOD. The Most Important News We’ve Heard in Years.

The Hottest Things to Do to a Man With Your Hands

100 Outrageous Facts About Men

“I Know What Your Boyfriend Did Last Night”. A Love Spy Tells All.

Now this is a publication that knows how to capture a reader’s attention. I think a magazine like The New Yorker, with its dull cover illustrations and distressing lack of text, could learn a thing or two about sizzle from Cosmo.

Gotta run – I have to finish reading the list of 100 outrageous facts about men. Number 37? Men are afraid of commitment. Totally outrageous!

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