Amateur Gourmet at El Bulli

I am a foodie wannabe.  I love reading restaurant reviews, browsing for recommendations, and seeking out things like the best baguette in Ottawa (True Loaf on Gladstone is the current front-runner).  I like to eat well, as my ever-expanding girth can attest, and I live vicariously through a number of writers who are truly devoted to all manner of food and drink.

Adam Roberts, aka The Amateur Gourmet, has a great post up about his long-awaited visit to El Bulli.  Often cited as the finest restaurant in the world, it’s incredibly difficult to land a reservation.  After five years of trying, Adam was successful in securing one of the coveted tables.  A kind of graphic novel supported with short videos, the post about his 30-course adventure in molecular gastronomy is a highly-entertaining read, even if you’re not the type of person who would fly across the ocean to drop $1,000 on dinner. 

Click here to read the full post.  Bon appetit.

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