Bye-Bye Pinocchio

I’ve heard some people say that children keep you young. These people are crazy and horribly misinformed.

In reality, children are little time-sucking vampires whose very existence is proof that you are not nearly as young as you think you are. The milestones for kids come fast and furious, and each one is a vivid reminder that time is passing you by at a rapid rate.

Take today, for example. It is K’s last day at full-time daycare. I’ve tried to convince myself that it’s not really happening, that it’s too soon, but then I see him towering over the toddlers (he calls them “the littles”) and realize that his time has come.

Back in September 2004, we dropped A off at Pinocchio for the first time. He was this cute little 16 month old kid, and we were relieved that we had found a spot at such a great daycare. It really was like winning the lottery, except without the oversize novelty cheque and lifetime of financial freedom.

For the last five years, the daycare has been a second home. A & K developed close friendships, we became friends with some of the other parents, and the caregivers were constantly there to feed, teach, clean, and comfort our boys. You couldn’t have asked for better people to trust your children with, and it’s strange to think we won’t be stopping there next week on the way to work. I got a little choked up when I hugged Marlene, who has known the boys the longest – not just because I’ll miss her, but because I’m not quite ready to close this chapter yet.

Next week, K will start Junior Kindergarten and A will go into Grade 1. It will be nice to walk them both to school, and the boys are really looking forward to being together in the after-school program. The next milestone will probably be A’s first loose tooth, which may pain me more than it hurts him.


Some of you may be thinking, “Hey, just take comfort in the fact that you’ll be saying goodbye to those hefty daycare costs”. Think again. The difference between full-time and half-time daycare? A whopping $100 a month. Yeehaw, I can start drinkin’ again.

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