Orchestra Tours

I had a tour dream last night, something that hasn’t happened in a while. It used to be a pretty regular occurrence when I actually worked with an orchestra. They are slightly nightmarish – usually I haven’t done something important, like book a hotel or buses, and they often ended with 60 musicians staring at me with looks of shock and disgust. All you wannabe Freuds can have a field day with that…

Last night’s dream might have been prompted by bassist Michael Hovnanian’s last few posts at his popular blog. He’s been writing about the Chicago Symphony’s recently-completed Asia Tour, including Haitink’s love of rehearsals and the challenges of finding the stage door entrance in a new hall.  The official CSO site only has a few photos, so if you want the real goods, musician blogs are definitely the way to go.

Maybe I’ll start a blog about the funny and weird things that I’ve seen on tours.  I thought about writing a book, but I don’t think anyone’s actually doing that any more.

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