Wedding Photos

The Dearlove quartet made the trip to Southern Ontario this weekend for Meillyn and Seamus’s wedding.  It was a highly-anticipated trip, as the boys had been looking forward to wearing their tuxedos and showing off their cool dance moves.  We all had a great time, and left Hamilton on Sunday afternoon with memories of a fabulous wedding.

For the rehearsal dinner, we dressed the boys in white shirts and sweater vests.  They looked like little Alex P. Keatons (my role model in grades 8 through 10).

A K & B

The boys were ring-bearers for the ceremony, so we picked up a couple of tuxedos for them. They totally loved dressing up – it was nearly impossible to get them to take the bow ties off (after the first fitting, they actually ran around the house wearing just white briefs and black bow ties. Very Chippendales…)

A & K Tux

A & K listening attentively to the ring-bearer guidelines.

K Spiked

K, sporting his signature “spikely” cut (courtesy of First Choice Haircutters.)

K & Anneke

K hanging out with Anneke, who was a terrific flower girl.  It will be interesting to compare this to his prom photo in 15 years.  

K Mugging

K, pretending to sleep before the wedding started.  Don’t let that cherubic look fool you – diabolical plans are being hatched in that head of his.

A & K Sleeping
A long day of swimming, eating, partying and dancing finally caught up with the boys around 11:00 pm.

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