You Don’t Mess with Texas

My sister-in-law Meillyn was in Houston earlier this week, and she spotted a nice car with awesome rims parked at her hotel.  These rims were so big, so shiny, so ridiculously over-the-top, that she just had to take a photo with her trusty Blackberry.


I guess Meillyn wasn’t the only one who thought those rims were cool. The next morning, she walked out to discover that someone had jacked up the car and taken the whole wheel off.


Man, that is badass. I ain’t never goin’ to Texas, especially with my tricked out Mazda 5 and its 20″ custom chrome rims.  Word.

11 thoughts on “You Don’t Mess with Texas

  1. i hope that was sarcasim about your mazda. i don’t think people want to take the risk of being embarrased by getting caught stealing one of those. they would get laughed at

  2. damn thats fucked up i think thats houston rapper
    trae tha truths ride mane nah he prob got another pair of dem thoe cuz iseen them in his lateest video

  3. everone thinks something bad about houston…. its not all fun and games but it is not that bad!! trust me i made the crime rate go up^^^!!!()___

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