300 Posts (+1)

Ah, the poor neglected blog. As the festival approaches, my free time seems to have dried up almost completely. I didn’t even get a chance to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the revamped dearlove.ca or the 300th post.

Wow, 300 posts. So many words, so little meaning. If you look at the site statistics, almost nothing that I’ve written over the past three years has been of any real interest. The top five posts over the past year have been:

Queen of Album Covers  (413 views)
Orchestra Salaries  (239 views)
Orchestra Salaries 2  (212 views)
The Police and Elvis Costello  (157 views)
A Little Dearlove History  (107 views)

Obviously my thoughts on turkey dinners, weight loss, and Hollywood musicals have failed to resonate with the public at large.

So, the coming year will see a lot more posts about orchestra salaries, photos of awful album covers, and updated set lists for various touring acts. Sadly, photos of my handsome boys or posts about the cute things they said at the dinner table will have to be sacrificed for the greater good.



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