The Election According to a Five-Year-Old

The boys and I were lying in bed this morning listening to the election results on CBC. A has taken a real interest in the election in recent days, and he was very curious about the whole voting thing, probably because his school was one of the voting centres.

Anyway, here’s how our conversation went:

A: “So Daddy, who’s the new leader of Canada?”

Me: “Well, it’s the same guy as last time – Stephen Harper is still the leader”.

A: “That’s nice. That’s good that Stephen Harper still has a job.”

Me: “Hmmmmm.”

A: “If I was you, I think I would have voted for Barack Obama.”

Me: “Really? That would have been an interesting choice.”

A: “Yeah. Or maybe I would have voted for God. Voting for God would be even better.”

So there you have the perspective of a five-year-old political junkie: Stephen Harper is O.K., Barack Obama is better, but God is the best choice.

Remember: Vote God in 2010. Or else.

3 thoughts on “The Election According to a Five-Year-Old

  1. Wow The Dearlove! This was the first time for me reading your blog, and I was amazed to read about the rocton fair, and the best sense I’ve heard about the election. It sounds like your life is right on track. Good job! Love, a blast from the past, Nicole

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