The NACOcast

Nearly a year ago, the NAC launched the first podcast produced by a professional orchestra. The NACOcast is produced a few times a month and provides listeners with information on upcoming concerts, interviews with artists and composers, and discussions with orchestra musicians about their experiences.The NACOcast is hosted by our Principal Bassoon, C Millard. He’s an amazing guy – gifted musician, respected teacher, the chair of the Orchestra Committee, etc. It turns out he’s also a natural behind the microphone, hosting the podcast with apparent ease. He also has a great producer in Maurizio Ortolani, who runs the NAC’s new media department.The last couple of NACOcasts in particular have been really entertaining, and I encourage you to listen to the latest one. Over 30 minutes, Mr. Millard provides a very accessible and well-considered explanation of Handel’s Messiah, complete with about 40 musical excerpts. It’s a great thing to listen to if you’re trapped behind a desk for part of the day.Click here to visit the NACOcast site. You can also subscribe by using the iTunes music store.

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