Freezing Rain + Highway 7 = A Change of Plans

As I write this, I should be somewhere around Peterborough with Bronwen and the kids. We’re supposed to begin our Southern Ontario tour at Nana Sue’s house in Pefferlaw.Unfortunately, our plans have been thwarted by a slow-moving disturbance that’s been tracking from Illinois for most of the day. For most of the province it means rain, but us poor schmucks in Ottawa get freezing rain. It began right after work, and now the streets are skating rinks. We’ll try again in the morning.In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all three of my loyal readers (you know who you are). Safe travels and best wishes.

One thought on “Freezing Rain + Highway 7 = A Change of Plans

  1. Ah, travelling in the holidays. When I finally arrived home for the Christmas holidays I landed in the Sault and my luggage went to Ottawa.

    God bless Air Canada.

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