Vomit to the Left of Me, Vomit to the Right

Just as I thought Aidan and Kieran had recovered from their various maladies, we got a call from the daycare at the end of the day yesterday. Aidan had thrown up on the playground and they wanted us to come get him.

I don’t know if it was a flu bug or the salmon casserole he had for lunch, but the poor guy couldn’t keep anything down. He threw up 4 or 5 times during the course of the evening (it’s not fun trying to get regurgitated oatmeal out of the carpet). He eventually got to sleep and I thought the worst had passed.

Silly daddy.

Aidan threw up a couple more times during the night, each time requiring a change of sheets and pyjamas. Needless to say that when Kieran woke up at 5:45 am with a really messy diaper, I was not in a great mood.

It’s amazing how being a parent changes your attitude towards bodily fluids. A few years ago I would have hurled when confronted with someone else’s vomit. Now, when confronted with startling diaper contents, vomit, snot, and other disgusting emissions, I barely bat an eyelash. Of course, I think this only applies to dealing with your children – I’m pretty sure I’d be sick if I tried changing someone else’s diaper.

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