Short on Time

I’ve been finding it difficult to post regular entries lately. I think it’s a combination of the pre-Christmas rush and having two sick boys at home.As part of my job, I have to complete a number of mundane administrative tasks. For instance, every year at this time I have to prepare contracts for the musicians. This means updating each of the 60 contracts with new dates and salaries, getting them reviewed by colleagues for accuracy, printing three copies of each, attaching the cover letter, printing mailing lables, etc. As I said, mundane.So there I was at the office at 10:00 pm on Thursday night reviewing the first draft of the contracts. On an impulse I checked the salary sheet against the orchestra’s collective agreement and discovered that due to a rounding error on the spreadsheet, all the salaries were off by one cent a week. So now I have to go back and adjust every contract for the missing penny.It’s been that kind of a week…

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