The Rideau Club

Faced with the prospect of hanging out with two infectious little boys the other night, Bronwen and I did what any responsible parents would do – we headed out for dinner with friends to the most exclusive private club in town.Founded in 1865, the Rideau Club has been the meeting place for Ottawa’s political, social, and business elite for generations (yes, they still let me in the door). While it once stood across the street from Parliament Hill, it is now located on the top floor of a downtown office building. It’s a little surreal stepping out of the elevator, through the elegant lobby, and into the richly decorated lounges and private rooms.Our friends Jim and Trish are members and invited us for dinner. Before sitting down to eat we took a brief tour of the Karsh room, which features about 20 large format portraits by legendary photographer Yousuf Karsh. The photographs are incredible, especially the iconic photos of Churchill and Sibelius.The food and service, as one might expect, were impeccable. I enjoyed the theatrics of the choreographed removal of the silver serving domes before the main course. The great food and wine were matched by engaging conversation – it’s rare these days that Bronwen and I get to enjoy a leisurely dinner with friends, and this was a reminder that we need to make more time for socializing.In case you’re wondering, the boys have mostly recovered and are back to school (whew).

3 thoughts on “The Rideau Club

  1. So does this mean you are poltically significant, socially influential or captains of industry?

    Will you still talk us regular folk?

  2. I re-read the post and realized it might sound like I’m including myself in that distinguished list.
    Far from it – I don’t even think I qualify as a culture maven.

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