Yamaha Custom Drums Color Book

As noted in previous posts, there’s not a lot of information online about Yamaha’s short-lived Custom Drums line from the mid-1990s.  Most of what I’ve found has been from other Custom Drums owners who stumbled on my site looking for information about their drums.

I had heard about the Custom Drums catalog that came out at the time – it included transparent pages so you could see what the different lug options looked like on the various finishes.  But until this week, I’d only seen the cover.


Thankfully, a helpful group member over on Facebook just posted photos of each page.  As you can see below, there were two shell-type options (maple and birch), three types of lugs (Maple Custom gold, Maple Custom silver, and the high-tension lugs from the Recording Custom line), and twelve finish colours, including solids and fades.

I’ve only seen three of the twelve colours “in the wild” – my blue lacquer set, a red lacquer set, and a white set.  Some of the other combinations now look pretty dated to my eye, although I’m sure they looked better in real life.

If I had to choose, I might go for the maple shell in red with the gold Maple Custom lugs – I think those really pop.  I’m pretty happy with my blue kit, though – the wood grain shows through nicely when you get close, and the gold lugs are a classic look that ties in really well with the gold badge.


I’d love to get a physical copy of the catalog someday, but in the meantime, I’ll have to be content with a digital version.

3 thoughts on “Yamaha Custom Drums Color Book

  1. There was a leaflet or a folded poster in Yamaha dealer’s shop with all possible their custom colours some 15 years ago.

  2. Hello, been looking for years for this catalog but never been able to find one. Also other then
    this article I have never seen for sale online anywhere this series of drums.
    I have one and its gorgeous even 23 years later I get huge compliments. My set consists of 8×8(recut to 8×6)10×10(cut to 10×8)12×10(cut to 12×8) 14×12 and 16×14 all suspended toms all birch with small chrome lugs vintage interior finish. With the Bass Drum I have 22×18 Maple with tom mount installed and my snare drum is 14×51/2 Maple shell with G type strainer system. All tom and snare hoops are 2.3mm DynaHoops. Finally I chose the #12 faded gold/black sparkle That looks somewhat dark grayish to gold(always has looked this was so its very unique).
    I will try to share some pics I have.

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