A’s Christmas List 2012

I was worried that last year would be the final Christmas with two “believers” in the family.  A___ was eight years old, and he was starting to ask some pretty pointed questions about Santa.  Usually the questions would come late at night, after his brother had fallen asleep – it was almost like being interrogated.

“What can you tell me about this fat man in red, this so-called Santa Claus?  How do you know so much about this man without ever having met him?  Remembah, ve have vays of makink you talk…”

I consider it a Christmas miracle that both boys believed in Santa last year, and that their faith in Santa has continued for another 365 days.  A’s belief is a bit more nuanced now – he knows the Santas who hang out at shopping malls and bring up the rear of parades are just stand-ins.  The real guy is much too busy at this time of year for celebrity appearances.

Anyway, here is A____’s Christmas letter to Santa this year.  I don’t know if it will be his last one, but if it is, I’m thankful that the make-believe world lasted as long as it did.

Dear Santa Clause,

This year I am not being picky about what I get.  I won’t say that I have been good this year, because that’s telling you what you already know, and I’d be a little disrespectful.  But here are some things I would like.

  • sky landers giants
  • ipod touch
  • angry birds t-shirt
  • deck of cards
  • model plane
  • random amount of lego sets (any sort)

I believe,

A___ Dearlove

Cookies and Milk

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