Meech Lake…Again

A couple of weeks after our last visit to Meech Lake, we decided to make another attempt at making it to the old mill. Armed with snacks, water, and warmer jackets, the four of us joined dozens of other hikers on the Meech Lake trail.

It’s actually a pretty simple hike, and the boys were way more into it this time around. A in particular seemed excited about the possibility of exploring some 100 year-old ruins.

Our destination was the old Thomas “Carbide” Willson fertilizer mill. Built around 1911, it was an impressive sight back in the day, with a mill, dam, and a large condensation tower. Just the walls, foundation, and waterfall remain today, and the site is a popular spot for families and photographers. And nudists.

The mill back in 1917.

The mill as it stands today.

B taking a break after a long 1.48 km hike.

B, A, and…Batman.

Me and the boys hanging out in the old condensation tower.

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