Is That a Nipple I See Before Me?

I was browsing through some old house programs at a national cultural institution the other day, and came across a fascinating ad from the 1971 season. This is the ad that graced the back cover of every house program for a number of months.


1. Is it possible to read this copy without thinking about Mad Men? I can picture Don Draper staring off into the distance while he says the opening line, and Peggy fills in the rest (only after trying the product out at home, of course).

2. Why are they Contour Drops for the Breast? Shouldn’t it be “Breasts”, or is it only meant for one at a time?

3. I have never heard anyone say “Wow, her breasts are so fine-textured”. What does that even mean?

4. The ad is surprising graphic – I’m not sure we’d be allowed to print an ad with a nipple in it on the back cover these days. Are we less enlightened than we were 40 years ago?

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