A’s Thoughts on the Death of Jim Henson

We’ve been watching the original Muppets series with the boys this week.  They had seen some Muppet movies before and I don’t think they were all that interested, but the series has really made an impression.  The episode with Mark Hamill was especially entertaining (and surreal).

The Muppets also led to an interesting conversation in the car yesterday.

A:  “Dad, are the Muppets still alive?”

Me:  “Well, the Muppets are still around, but Jim Henson, the man who created the Muppets, died a few years ago”.

A:  “Oh, how did he die, Dad?  Old age?  Explosive device?  Heart attack?  Hit by a spear?”

Yes, a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a six year-old boy, where you’re just as likely to die from a random spear attack as you are a miocardial infarction.

Incidentally, here’s just a few seconds of Luke Skywalker’s comedic genius.

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