Music Monday – Iron & Wine

One of my favourite moments from last year’s Winnipeg Folk Festival was Iron & Wine’s solo performance on the main stage.  There is something so pure and vulnerable about a guy and his guitar, all alone on stage, singing beautiful songs.  It’s something I could never do, but I admire those with the skill and courage to do it.

Iron & Wine is actually Samuel Beam, an American who was originally working as a professor of film and cinematography.  He wrote some songs, made a demo, got signed to a deal, and released his first album in 2002.  I think he first got noticed for his cover of The Postal Service’s Such Great Heights, which appeared on the Garden State soundtrack.  I hadn’t noticed until tonight, but I think he looks a lot like Zach Galifianakis.

The clip is another cover – this time it’s Waiting For A Superman, which was originally recorded by the Flaming Lips.  It’s mellow, but give it a chance.  I love the guitar part – one day, when my fingers get more nimble, I’ll try it out.  If I have a few drinks, I may even sing along…badly.

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