Fulton’s Pancake House

Today was my day to stay home with the boys as part of the “March Break Patchwork Daycare Plan”.  Since they’d already been to the Canadian War Museum and the National Gallery (twice) this week, I thought we’d take a little road trip and head out to Fulton’s Pancake House.

This was our first visit to Fulton’s, and A & K had a great time.  Of course, what’s not to love about pancakes, horse-drawn sleigh rides, face painting, maple cotton candy, and maple taffy?  I imagine it’s a bit of a zoo on weekends, but the lines weren’t too long on a sunny Thursday morning.

On the way home we stopped for lunch in Almonte.  I think it’s a really cute little town – Baker Bob’s has amazing multigrain loaves (only $2.50!), the wraps from The Groundz Café were very good, and there are lots of spots to eat a picnic lunch on the banks of the mighty Mississippi.

K enjoying his pancake with real maple syrup.  And ketchup.

You know what they say about the fathers of kids with big hands…

I swear to God, K is making some kind of sly, funny face in almost every picture I take of him.

A trying to walk across the suspended wire. I managed two steps before succumbing to gravity.

A rare photo of the three Dearlove boys together.

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