Pancake Batter Blaster

I was wandering through Farm Boy the other day picking up some groceries, when I came across the latest miracle food – Organic Batter Blaster.


It’s exactly what it looks like – pancake batter in a can. It was even on sale, so I figured I’d be stupid not to try it out. After all, real pancakes are such a pain to make, what with the whole adding-water-to-the-dry-mix-and-stirring-20-times thing.

I waited until we had a boys-night-in this week to hold the official taste test. While A & K watched things blow up on Mythbusters, I heated up a couple of frying pans and vigourously shook the can as instructed. The first couple of attempts were not pretty. The pancakes were thin and oddly-shaped, following the star pattern on the nozzle. After a few more tries, I got the hang of drawing a little circle with the tip and ended up with some decent-looking pancakes.

I called the boys to the table and they quickly sat down – pancakes are usually a great motivator. K eagerly took a bite and almost immediately burst into tears. “These don’t taste good”, he cried. A pushed his plate away and said “Yeah, dad, I don’t like them either. Can I have a sandwich instead?”

I grabbed a piece of K’s pancake a tried it. The texture was thin, and it definitely had a funny aftertaste. I pulled the plates from the table and set to work making a couple of sandwiches for the boys.

The official Organic Batter Blaster website lists testimonials from customers. Someone identified as “Satisfied Customer” wrote “The flavor was just like homemade which I have never tasted in any powdered mix, organic or otherwise.” They must have a more sophisticated palate than me and the boys – we give it two big thumbs down. (If anyone wants the other half of the can, I’ll gladly mail it to you).

Next week, we review Bacon in a Can.  Actually, just the boys are going to try it – I’m not touching that stuff.

canned bacon 2

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