BC Scene Launch

Today’s a big day.  At 11:00 this morning, we’re holding an event at the Roundhouse in Vancouver to officially launch BC Scene, the multi-disciplinary arts festival that I’ve been working on for the past year.  While the Ottawa launch won’t happen until February, this is our chance to give people in British Columbia a preview of the festival’s line-up.  In all, we’ll probably announce about half of the programming in theatre, music, dance, visual and media arts, and literature.

The launch also coincides with the unveiling of our new festival website.  I think it looks great, and I encourage you to check it out later today at www.bcscene.ca (or www.scenecb.ca for all my Francophone readers).  It’s still a work in progress – there are a few features that will be added over the next few months – but overall I think it’s a very clean-looking, well-designed site.

On the site, you’ll also find our BC Scene promo video.  It was created by a Vancouver film company, and I think it really captures the energy and diversity of the province’s arts community.  It also has a pretty catchy soundtrack…

If you haven’t made plans for April 21 to May 3, 2009 yet, you should definitely come to Ottawa to check out the festival.  I have a spare couch you can crash on, and I’m pretty sure I can set you up with some tickets.

2 thoughts on “BC Scene Launch

  1. I took a look at the video..pretty cool. I would just be prepared for a large number of people to have siezures while watching it! Maybe there should be a warning.

    I will book my holidays now! Talk to you later C.

    Little Bro

  2. Not to be a stick in the mud but did you know it says The Alberta Scene was in in 2009?

    You’ve mastered the art of manipulating linear time and been keeping it all to yourself. How rude.

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