What I Find Funny

Here are a few funny things that I noticed over the past month. Well, I thought they were funny – more mature folks may not be amused.

“He was a breast-stroker when he was young”.
-comment made by a CBC swimming commentator during Beijing Olympics. Had I known that’s what it took to become an Olympian, I would have tried much harder when I was young to master that particular skill.

We were driving down the 403 last month when we were passed by a car with the license plate “QUEENMBA”. The plate was attached to a Ford Focus station wagon.

Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against the Ford Focus. It’s a perfectly fine compact family vehicle. I just pictured Mr. QUEENMBA driving something a little more…European. I guess with an annual tuition of $60,000, Mr. QUEENMBA doesn’t have much left for a luxury sports sedan. Or food. Or housing.

I walked by a new Carter’s Osh Kosh kids store last night. It’s not open yet, but there was a sign in the window about employment opportunities. The e-mail address for applicants is cokcareers@yahoo.ca Call me juvenile, but I think that’s hilarious.

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