The Summer So Far

This is the crappiest summer I can remember since the cold, wet summer of 1992. I was working outside that summer, and I can recall seeing my breath at noon on a July day. It hasn’t been cold, but it seems like it’s rained every day. Actually, it has rained every day so far this month, with more rain on the horizon.

Despite the frequent showers, we’ve still managed to have a few adventures around town. We braved the crowds downtown on Canada Day, checked out the annual CHEO Teddy Bear picnic at Rideau Hall, rocked out at the 14th annual International Leeds and Grenville Pink Flamingo Croquet Match and Beer Swill, and enjoyed a day at Lac Philippe. Here are a few pics of my favourite boys in action.

K riding the mini-Via train on Canada Day. As the tear rolling down his cheeks indicates, he didn’t really enjoy the experience.

A, on the other hand, loved the train and gave us his most angelic look. Don’t be fooled…

The carousel at the CHEO Teddy Bear picnic was much more to K’s liking.

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