Drumming Update

The first couple of hours of my 104 hour drumming marathon went pretty well. Unfortunately, I should have realized that beginning at midnight was not a good idea, especially given that we live in a townhouse. Apparently my neighbour would rather get a good night’s sleep than live beside a svelte Guinness Book of World Records holder.

So, I guess I’m stuck with regular exercise and eating in moderation. Man, that’s just such a lame way to lose weight. I had pictured being skinny, and people saying, “You look great, man. What’s your secret?” And I’d reply with “Oh, just 14 days of fasting” or “You know, non-stop drumming for 104 hours”.

Wait, I just saw this awesome thing on TV about wrestlers and weight-cutting. Did you know you can lose 20 pounds by just spitting in a bucket for five hours and riding a stationary bike in a sauna while wearing a garbage bag? This is going to be so easy…

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