Fasting Update

It’s 7:23 am, and it’s been 13 hours since I last ate something. The hunger pains are unbearable, and I don’t think I can hold out much longer. In fact, I’m waiting for my Toaster Strudels to pop any second. This fasting thing was a horrible idea.

If I can’t make up the 35,000 calorie surplus by dramatically reducing my caloric intake, then the only alternative is to undertake some kind of extreme physical activity to burn through the calories as quickly as possible.

I’ve examined the options, and I’ve decided to drum non-stop until I’ve burned 35,000 calories. According to the handy calorie calculator, I’ll have to play for 104 hours straight. That’s only 4 days and 8 hours, which is totally doable.

As an added bonus, I will set the world record for longest non-stop drumming, which was actually just set a few days ago by an Irish bloke. Details on his 102 hour marathon can be found here.

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