I Have Arrived

I am happy to announce that after nine years and countless receptions, parties, and press events, I have finally arrived as a bona fide social climber. Today, my name appeared in bold type in the Ottawa Citizen’s Around Town column. Not only that, but they printed my picture as well (double chin and all).

For years, I have opened my Monday paper to read breathless accounts of the big parties in town – the fashion, the champagne, the political movers and shakers rubbing elbows with the captains of industry. I have always been envious of the glamourous people with their names in bold type – some of them seem to be in the column every week (Alex Munter, Marlen Cowpland, etc). The fact that my name was always absent did much to diminish my overall confidence and feelings of self-worth.

As of today, though, I am on the map. Now all of Ottawa knows that I was at the post-concert reception for our new Concertmaster on Tuesday night, along with Pinchas Zukerman, Colin Cooke, and Vernon Turner. Having been validated by the local media, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before the invites to all the hot events start pouring in.

I’ll keep you posted on my transformation from a lowly worker bee to a glamourous social butterfly.

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