Gotta Love Those Requiems

Bronwen and I went to another orchestra concert last week. This time, Pinchas was conducting a programme that included Shostakovich’s first cello concerto (with Amanda as soloist) and Fauré’s Requiem. I hadn’t listened to this piece in a while, and I was completely taken by the performance. I went home and listened to a recording of it repeatedly over the next few days.I have yet to encounter a requiem that I didn’t love. Mozart? Check. Verdi? Awesome bass drum part. Brahms? Gotta crank the Dies Irae for full effect. There’s just something about the drama, the darkness, the big choral moments that really gets me going.In fact, I love requiems so much that I have decided to have at least one of them played at my funeral / memorial service. Not a CD, the real thing. My survivors will be tasked with engaging an orchestra, chorus, conductor and soloist for a performance of a requiem at my funeral. I’m not picky – it can be Mozart, Verdi, Brahms, or Fauré (no Duruflé, though). They’ll also have to book a church, arrange for chairs, music stands, music rental, stand lights, conductor podium, etc. I’m sure all this work will take their minds off my untimely passing.So, if you needed a bit more incentive to come celebrate my life, you’ll have the added bonus of hearing a requiem. Enjoy…

6 thoughts on “Gotta Love Those Requiems

  1. From time to time I teach a course at the university on death and dying in the arts. It is surprisingly a very popular course averaging between 80-100 students. It is, mostly, a study of various requiems in music history. For their major essay in the course students have to choose a requiem that we have studied and explain why they would want that performed by a live choir and orchestra at their funeral or the funeral of someone they love.

    Myself, I want Durufle’s requiem.

  2. Never mind RESPs. You’re going to have to save all your pennies for your funeral. My choice would be Faure’s requiem. I think it suits my personality. And I just love the In Paradisum.

  3. The requiem is just part of the funeral celebrations. I neglected to include the national day of mourning, the building of a pyramid, and the placement of idols in my likeness in town squares throughout the country.

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