Happy Birthday

Giving a belated birthday shout-out to my main squeeze, B, who reached the big thirty-something yesterday. Yes, there’s no better story than a Dearlove born on St. Valentine’s Day.

We had a pretty quiet family affair at home last night. The boys were eager to blow out the candles and tried to get a head start on unwrapping the presents. There’s also nothing cuter than watching a one-year old shovel chocolate cake into his mouth using just his bare hands.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Hey Birthday Girl,

    My birthday is today and I’m 35 years old and I still shovel chocolate cake into my mouth with my bare hands.

  2. Luca’s birthday is today too, and if he were blogging at 10:30pm on a Thursday night, he’d surely wish you both a happy birthday too.

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