The Diet – Day 5

Well, Bronwen and I are through the first five days of South Beach Phase 1. For the most part, I have been good and stuck closely to the plan. However, to paraphrase Jimmy Carter, I have lusted in my heart. There is temptation all around, and I frequently have an internal struggle going on (“It’s just a cookie. It was made to be eaten. Eat it.”)

So, here’s what has sustained me over the past 5 days:

10 eggs
5 pieces of ham
5 chicken breasts
10 salads
15 shrimp
8 turkey rollups
Assorted veggies and cheese
85 almonds

Yeah, sucks to be me.

This really is a stupid diet. I’m not asking for a triple Whopper, but c’mon, would it kill you to include an apple or an orange?

By the way, if you’re interested in South Beach at all, has the two books on sale for 80% off. I think that’s a clear sign that time has passed this fad by.

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