South Beach Diet – Phase 1

For most North Americans, the arrival of the new year heralds the beginning of a new diet, and I’m no exception. Beginning tomorrow, it’s goodbye sweets and hello celery sticks.

I’ve always struggled with my weight, and right now I figure I’m about 10 pounds over my goal. My pants have slowly been getting tighter. As I spent hour after hour in the car over Christmas, I was all too aware of how my gut cascaded over my belt. Don’t even get me started about man boobs…

About 3 years ago, Bronwen and I needed a change in our lifestyle, so we tried the South Beach diet. Over 5 months, I lost about 25 pounds and felt great. It was difficult at first, but after a while we just got used to it.

So, for the next two weeks I’ll be on Phase 1. For the uninitiated, that means no carbs, sugar, fruit, caffeine, alcohol, or anything else that’s fun. Just lots of eggs, ham, chicken, salad, and almonds.

I know South Beach isn’t the long-term answer – I can’t commit to a diet that restricts something as delicious as bread. The only solution that works is a balanced diet, regular exercise, blah blah blah. However, South Beach is a good way of regaining some restraint and self-control. And if this doesn’t work, then I can always turn to Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Plan, Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Solution, the Zone, Body for Life, L.A. Weight Loss Centre, Dr. Bernstein, Slim-Fast, Eat Right for Your Type, the Sonoma Diet, New Beverly Hills Diet, Personality Type Diet, or my old stand by, water and crackers.

2 thoughts on “South Beach Diet – Phase 1

  1. You forgot the G.I. Diet. Seriously, it’s a good one. Here’s to weight loss in 2007! Just started mine today too and for the same reason! Really looking forward to the sugar withdrawal.
    I hurt my back in June and I haven’t been able to exercise for 6 months. So now I’m fat. Yikes. I can’t even use Ronan as an excuse. I gave birth 2 and a half years ago!
    Back to the gym tomorrow. Treadmill, here I come! I hope it’s ready for me.

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