Of Tutus and Bayonets

Bronwen and I went to see the Kirov Ballet last night at the NAC. It was the last of 6 sold-out performances, and it definitely had the “big-time event” feel to it. A few women were dressed in ballgowns, and there were lots of little girls in pretty dresses pretending to be ballerinas in the foyer.I’ve seen ballet before, but nothing like this. The corps de ballet work was incredible – 24 women in big white tutus, moving at exactly the same time, all the time. Not a foot, arm or hand out of place. In terms of precision, it reminded us of the U.S. Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon, although without the bayonet-tipped rifles.Even though I don’t understand the purpose of some of the movements, a lot of the principal dancers solos and pas de deux were astonishingly athletic. At one point, the jester spun around on one foot, going faster and faster until he was a complete blur – it didn’t seem humanly possible. The men can also jump really high, although this shouldn’t be surprising when you check out the muscular legs and butts (which they conveniently show off by wearing skin-tight pants)The sets were really cool, too. As the curtain rose for Act II, you could hear the audience gasp as a number of white swans (and their reflections) glided across the stage.The only disappointment was the orchestra. They were good for the most part, but there were definitely some ragged moments. Maybe they get bored doing the same score over and over. Or, maybe they were just jealous that many of their colleagues were in New York performing at Carnegie Hall instead.

One thought on “Of Tutus and Bayonets

  1. The only problem with dating ballet dancers is they tend to be high maintenance. And they tend to augment the fact I’m short and fat.

    But they sure are pretty to look at. 🙂

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