The Blahs

We had a good plan for the morning. Head to IKEA, try to find a decent (cheap) couch to replace the one we already have, get the boys some meatballs, let them fall asleep in the car on the way home, and enjoy some quiet time in the afternoon.

Apparently half the city had the same bright idea. We got there 2 minutes before opening, and there was a mob of people waiting impatiently to get in. It was a bit like the start of a race as people manouevered their carts and tried to gain an edge on their neighbour.

It was a momentous day, because A was finally tall enough to go in the ball room. For the past year, he’s talked about going in, and each time he’s come up just a bit short. So today, he proudly walked in, passed the height test, and put on his numbered bib. He lasted 2 minutes – B didn’t even have time to finish completing the form before he wanted to leave. Years of anticipation gone in an instant.

In the end, we didn’t see any couches we (I) liked, so we headed for the restaurant. Big mistake. Dozens of people were lined up to get their 99 cent breakfast. A and K were already a little hyper, so the thought of waiting for 15 minutes to get some meatballs was more than I could take. I’m embarrassed to say we ended up at McDonald’s (although A couldn’t thank me enough).So now B’s asleep, K’s asleep, and it sounds like A is asleep on the couch. There are flurries in the air, it’s cold and windy, and it’s going to get dark in a little over an hour. I’d close my eyes too, but after a few years of parenting, I’m wise enough to know that the moment my eyes are closed, one of the boys will wake up. Did I mention I feel fat?

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